Many years of experience based on passion

We love ice cream – which is why we do more with it. For over 60 years, excellent ice cream has been one of our trademarks – both in Germany and abroad. Our many years of experience and our feel for trends make us a strong partner for customers in trade, co-branding and home deliveries. DMK ICE CREAM distributes its products worldwide and is one of the top 5 in the sector in Europe.

Anything is possible: From the shape to the taste

At our three sites in Everswinkel, Prenzlau and Haaren, DMK is producing its new range of own-brand products (e.g. MILRAM skyr ice cream, a new addition to the Sanobub line) as well as new and classic ice cream creations commissioned by customers. We find individual solutions which we implement in a quality-conscious manner in order to fulfil the specific requests of our partners. As well as a number of recipes, ideas and ingredients, we are able to offer our customers various shapes and packaging sizes for ice cream. 

Constant investment is part and parcel of the successful concept

Our leading edge thanks to technical expertise and the latest equipment means that our customers benefit from virtually unlimited possibilities. Be it cones, ice lollies, squeezers, variants in bowls or cups, or new, unusual products – DMK supplies the perfect product for every idea and every need. 

Innovation and inspiration are of upmost priority to us – as well as the safety of consumers and the quality of our products. In order to guarantee this, constant controls of raw materials, ingredients and processes are a matter of course. This endeavour is reflected in our consistent and high-quality certification results (IFS Food, DIN EN ISO 14.001, DIN EN ISO 22.000, DIN EN ISO 50.001, Q&S). As well as this, we are constantly strengthening the use of sustainable raw materials (e.g. UTZ, organic, RSPO).

Manufacturing high-quality ice cream products goes hand in hand with technical innovation, the latest processing technology and constantly looking towards the future. Continually investing in our systems, research, development and, of course, in our employees, is a fixed component of our company’s philosophy. 

Hand in hand for successful product strategies

Our competence teams are able to recognise tomorrow’s trends today. DMK ICE CREAM develops successful product strategies for its customers based on consumer surveys, market research and sales numbers. Our experts from marketing and distribution, product development, production and quality management work closely together at several sites. Not only do we develop new products, but we also create sales-boosting concepts, which are tailored to the needs of our customers. DMK implements ice cream ideas that fit in perfectly to our partners’ brand profiles.

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